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ormondFannonOrmond Fannon, Dip. Ad., M.Ed., FRSA
Accreditation Visit Leader for CIS - Council of International Schools
Principal Examiner for IBO - International Baccalaureate Organization
Ex. Business Manager and Executive Director for resource Development at St. Julian's School Portugal

Ormond Fannon is an independent consultant to schools worldwide. His extensive experience in all aspects of school management has taken him to almost every continent as an Accreditation Visit leader for the Council of International Schools. His involvement with the (E)CIS accreditation services dates from 1997 when his own school, St. Julian's School in Portugal, first entered the process and when he first participated in an ECIS Team Visit (to IS Baghdad, Iraq). Since then he has represented CIS regularly, whether chairing Visiting Teams or carrying out 5 Year Visits to schools in Europe, Middle East and Australia. He has also acted as a report reader/advisor for CIS since September 2007 and, since then, has annually participated in CIS AVL (Accreditation Visit Leaders) workshops.

Ormond is also highly experienced in the field of Arts Education (he is Principal Examiner and ex-Deputy Chief Examiner for the IB - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Visual Arts and was the IB faculty member responsible for the IB Online Curriculum (1998 - 2010). He has lead workshops for the IB in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, USA and UAE. He has also presented in IB, COBISEC, INSEA, ECIS and TAISI conferences in The Netherlands, England, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, India, Switzerland and the USA.




Comments and well-wishes from friends & colleagues:

"All over the World there are people who are proud to have had their eyes opened, creativity stimulated and their skills honed by his sklls. We needed a Head of Continuing Education, he was appointed and proved to be the most exciting appointment I ever made in all my years as Head. His energy and creativity were astonishing. Ideas flowed, and more than that, action followed. Many art staff in particular are imaginative and dynamic, but in my experience so very few combine that with prompt and expert delivery and a business brain second to none."

David Styan, OBE. Headmaster St.Julian's School , Portugal 1994 - 2000.

"Ormond, your professional support is so very much appreciated. One of the priceless skills of any manager is to encourage development in your staff and knowing when the time is right to let them stand on their own two feet and develop even further. You have this enviable skill in bucket loads and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

David Pendlebury, Head of Design and Technology, St. Julian's School


"I began working with Ormond eleven years ago in the Continuing Education Department. From our very first week together, l realized two very important things: l would learn a lot from Ormond and l had better not interrupt him when he was busy!"

Catarina Coelho, Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator, St. Julian's.

Management gurus tend to insist that no-one in any organisation is indispensable or irreplaceable. Let us hope that this is so, for the truism is about to be put to a severe test. Ormond Fannon is leaving us for a "retirement" which is likely to be anything but.

David Smith, Headmaster St. Julian's School - June 2011